Video: William Shatner “Sings” Cee Lo, We Groan

We were watching TV the other night with a friend and one of those William Shatner Priceline commercials came on and our friend groaned: “Ugh. Is this still a thing?” Our feelings exactly. In our humble opinion, Shatner’s sing-songy schtick reached its pinnacle with Pulp’s “Common People,” and everything after that has been a downhill avalanche. It’s the same problem as the Betty White thing — just because an old person is doing a “young person” thing, it isn’t automatically hilarious. But maybe we’re just still mad about $#*! My Dad Says.

Anyway, we didn’t get more than 15 seconds into this video of Shat singing “}^(& You” on Lopez Tonight, but perhaps you’ll have better luck.

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