Gallery: Disgusting Recipes From Sandra Lee

After last night’s election, New Yorkers woke up to a new governor in Andrew Cuomo. But when you buy one Andrew Cuomo, you get one Sandra Lee free! Sandra is Cuomo’s girlfriend, who is best known as a Food Network star who specializes in “Semi-Homemade” cooking. What does that mean exactly?

In theory, it means she makes easy, cheep food for busy people. But in actuality, it involves a lot of canned food items and bad flavor combinations. We’ve compiled some of the scariest recipes Sandra has unleashed on the Food Network (though there are many more). Hopefully she won’t be cooking for anyone in Albany.

(photos by The Food Network)

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    • Palmer Huff

      Sandra’s feedback was really positive! I can’t wait to find more of her recipes to try out!

      • omg

        ewwwwww those recipes are ewwwww

      • Christine Mattson Carlson


    • Sarah7


    • clipship

      I can’t believe people pay her to make food. All of that is disgusting.

    • omg

      this food makes me wanna puke and die

    • omg

      *akward* seriuosly its eww jst ewwwww

    • Ashley