5 Facts About 16 And Pregnant’s Felicia Cooke

The new season of MTV’s 16 And Pregnant continued last night with the introduction of Felicia Cooke, a 17 Honduran girl who got pregnant by Alex, her boyfriend of a year and a half. Felicia’s considering sticking around to join the cast of Teen Mom next season. So what do we know about our girl so far?

Well, to start, she doesn’t believe in abortion. Or condoms.

1. Felicia definitely doesn’t believe in abortion.

That makes sense, considering she’s probably part of a very Catholic family. According to her formspring:

“i dont believe in abortion at all i m the one who went out there and thought i was old enough to be having sex and this is wat happened so i believe i should take care of my responsibilities and grow up.”

2. She doesn’t like to use condoms.

Felicia’s mom doesn’t like to leave her alone with her boyfriend. Which makes sense, considering that Felicia is now pregnant. And as she explained last night:

“We used a condom like twice ever in our relationship.”

Yup, that sounds like a pretty good recipe for teen pregnancy.

3. Felicia is her family’s first high school graduate.

Felicia’s mom was pretty upset about her daughter’s pregnancy. Most notably because she was on track to become the first person in her entire family to finish high school. Luckily, she continued on to graduation after MTV finished filming.

4. Felicia is the second teen mom in her family. In this generation.

At one point after she got pregnant, Felicia decided to move in with her sister, who knew what she was going through at home. Why? Because she also got pregnant as a teenager.

5. Her favorite Jersey Shore castmember is Vinny.
Again, from Formspring:

“Do you watch Jersey Shore? If so, who’s your favorite? (:”
“yes i do and vinnie (:”

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    • sarah

      I just watched ur episode, and I belive ur a good mom but that asshole of a fatheris no good. I would kick that motherfucker to the crub. Drop that no good dumb ass person that he his girl. He his not the right man for u. He acts like a 13 year pussy that he is!!!!!! I would really like to congratulate u on graduating from high school girl!!! Ur mother is always right and belive me when I say this….. u need to drop that piece of shit of a father, ur beautiful daughter doesn’t need a figure like that in her life!!!!!

    • ebin

      What an idiot. Why did I just read this? Because I’m an idiot too, I guess.

    • Kevin O

      Congrats for coming through and graduating and being a great mom and being the first one to graduate in your family and making your mom proud please do your self a big favor and like sarah said kick that low life no good for nothing out the curb he is a pussy he is a useless man with no balls I mean Big Time (not tryin to be to offensive) as Im 22 my girl is about give birth anytime soon I have learned that steping up to the plate and take responsibilty is what you gotta do no Choice but to MAN-UP! but keep your head up congrats im sorry for goin on your man but it just really pist me off how he is so selfish and iresponsible and making us men look bad.

    • Kevin O

      p.s tell that pretty boy wanna be to MAN UP!!! and give up on the Soulja boy danceing shit wit his chent ass friends

    • Alexandra Garcia

      Hey i justt watched your episodee and i think that your a greatt mom and you dont need alexx; i myself am a teen mother and nobody understands how hard it is but it will get harder before it gets easier

    • victor

      She needs a man not a thug ,but she will learn they all do.

    • ashley

      hey i think that you are a really good mom but you need to move back in with your parents because she know what to do and you can get more help than the dad does because he is never around.

    • You realize

      you realize that she’ll never read this page. alex is a punk.

    • Josh

      yeah, agreed your boyfriend is the most immature, irresponsible, stupid jerk of all the 16 and pregant and teen moms fathers. I know 12 year old boys who would be better boyfriends/fathers than this turd. do what’s best for you and the baby and dump him! Felicia can do soooo much better!

    • Matthew vigil

      I love you Felicia I am your biggest fan your struggles inspire you deserve a man who can treat you right and be there for you and your baby

      I love you Felicia I am your biggest fan your struggles inspire you deserve a man who can treat you right and be there for you and your baby

    • destiny moniz

      Felicia said that her and alex are doing WAY better. She said that the only time he’s not home now is when he goes to work, and she also said that he’s improved big time. She said all of this on her FB Fan page- (: & there’s a PROOF photo of her so I know it’s real. BTW; Alex is not the worse. I think the worse father/boy on 16&pregnant is Adam [Chelsea's SpermDonor.]

    • Sue of OC

      …….. Interesting article…..nottttt! She’s a stupid horny teen just like everyone else.

      but at least she’s one of the prettier ones!

    • ana

      i think your a great mom :)
      && yeah u dont need alex hes a jerk !!!

    • rosalyn

      u dnt need a man to help shit im 17 nd have a 2week year old son nd i get up every night with him by myself no help nd im doing fine but think again shit i wish i had help cuz i wuld b sleeeeppppp lol so it works both ways :)