The Situation’s Brother May Be Way Creepier Than He Is

If there is a moral distinction to come out of The Jersey Shore, it is this: There’s a fine line between entertaining creeping and assault/kidnapping.  While millions of Americans enjoy watching Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino shamelessly hit on women on MTV’s most popular show, in real life, following his behavior could get the police called. At least that’s what’s going on with his brother Marc.

The Situation might come off as a little rapey on MTV’s The Jersey Shore, but it looks like his less famous sibling may have a violent streak. Aside from the evidence in the above photo (Marc is in the center), and the fact that he owns a porn company, The Sitch’s brother now has a legal situation attesting to his creepiness.

He was accused of punching a woman in the stomach earlier in the week. Now 24-year old Kathryn Redino claims Marc Sorrentino forced her into a limo, drove her to New Jersey and threatened to cut her with a champagne glass.

According to The Daily News:

“Redino claims Marc Sorrentino, 31, and his entourage drove her to New Jersey against her will, a police source said.

Once near his Howell, N.J., home, Marc Sorrentino allegedly told the frantic woman to get out “and go stand on the corner like the whore you are,” a police source said.

Redino said she countered with, “F— you, your mother’s the whore!”

She told police the remark prompted Marc Sorrentino, 31, to break a champagne glass and hold it against her neck, a police source said.”

Those sounds like some random accusations, unless you’ve watched The Jersey Shore. The Situation’s creeping MO is basically very aggressively encouraging girls to come back to the “smush room.” If they’re not DTF, they are abruptly kicked out of the house, with none too kind words.

Aside from the physical violence, that scene could have easily happened on The Jersey Shore.

The difference? When MTV’s cameras are rolling, it’s fun for everybody. When they’re not? The police get called.

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