Rumor Mill: Demi Lovato Is A Cutter, Cokehead, etc.

It’s hard out there for a Disney tween star. This week, Demi Lovato checked herself into rehab, which can be the kiss of death for the career of a Disney franchise artist. Today, her publicists are spinning the story that Demi suffers from anorexia and bullying. But others are convinced that Demi is on the same path that led Lindsay Lohan to jail.

Over the past few months, she’s been exceedingly despondent in interviews, which has led to rumors that she’s been dealing with drug issues.

This week, her team announced that Demi quit her gig opening for the Jonas Brothers to check into rehab. They are adamant that she’s not being admitted for drug problems. But after that, the story gets shaky. Everyone seems to have a new rumor today.

First, there’s there’s the notion she’s been admitted for “emotional issues.” There’s also the issue of her cutting herself, which has been noticed by more than a few outlets over the last few months. But also, there’s a theory that online bullies are to blame.

According to TMZ, “the singer was in a physical altercation with a female member of her tour recently … which was a “catalyst” in her decision to seek professional help.”

Demi’s dad says it’s pressure from Disney. He tells Radar:

“There are a lot of pressures. That is one of the things I worried about when she signed with Disney.”

Someone else says she was caught making out with Justin Bieber a few days ago. I’m still not clear why that would send you into rehab. But that’s a minor detail. Elsewhere, she’s upset that Joe Jonas is dating Twilight starlet Ashley Greene.

Or was her hospitalization due to recent comments about Lovato’s weight during the Video Music Awards? How about the idea that gossip sites posting unflattering photos of her set Demi off?

Likely we won’t know which of these rumors (or combination of rumors)  is actually accurate.

One thing, however, has been confirmed by Yahoo! Answers: Demi loves Cherry Coke! But her favorite soda is… Grape.

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    • Palmer Huff

      Poor girl. Another Disney child star down? I’m so surprised, Britney Spears’ career went so well!

      • demilovato

        demi’s is going really good now too

    • Kate


      • lovatic

        you are just sick! she didn’t want attention she broke when she knew this picture was out, she was really depressed and it’s people like you that made er that way! but she is 100% happy and healthy now, love you demi!