Crushable Quotable: Don’t Ask Patricia Arquette About Courteney Cox

Patricia Arquette accompanied her brother David to the Onexone Gala in New York City this week, and apparently she does not share her brother’s penchant for oversharing. David was more than happy to tell Howard Stern all the gritty details of his divorce from Courteney Cox, but when reporters asked Patricia about the split, she threw a temper tantrum. Apparently, asking about her brother’s love life is like asking if she masturbates.

According to US Weekly, this was Patricia’s response to questions about the divorce:

“How are you doing? How is your kid doing? Have you ever had anything happen in your life? What’s the worst thing that you’ve ever had happen to you? Do you ever masturbate? Have you ever had an abortion? I mean, can you imagine these kind of questions? Can you imagine? Can you imagine? It’s not alright! It’s not alright!”

It sounds like the Arquettes have some family ish when it comes to marital matters…

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