Gratuitous ‘Chris Evans As Captain America’ Shot

So I’m not the biggest Chris Evans fan in the entire world, but even I have to admit that in this photo from Entertainment Weekly, Chris looks totally doable. I’m just still not sure how someone can be the Human Torch in one film and the Captain America in the other. Too confusing for comic book fans! Also: wasn’t Kellan Lutz available that you made Chris Evan gain 50 pounds of muscle for this role?

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    • Sexist?

      Hey, Lady… My eyes are up here
      Will you women never change…

    • Lawrence

      Yep, women get a pass on the whole sexist, lusting, porno thing. If its a naked man, “its just the human body…” if its a partially unclothed woman, its objectification and pornography. What a bunch of hipocrits.