Gallery: Sexy Halloween Costumes Made Realistic

How sick are you of seeing costumes for sexy nurses, sexy nuns, and well…sexy everythings as a lazy way for uncreative hot chicks to show off their bodies on Halloween? Wouldn’t it be nice to just see a pretty girl dress up as an actual pirate while they go searching for booty door-to-door? Lucky for you, we took the liberty of “de-sexifying” some of the more common slutty Halloween ensembles and making them more realistic. Take a look!


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    • Meghan Keane

      I think that regular nun might secretly be a slutty nun. Hot shoes!

    • Ghost of Halloween

      cat-person is freaking me out.

    • Palmer Huff

      Catholic school girls are not very modestly dressed.

    • clipship

      I’m going to have nightmares about those nurses.

    • felsguy

      My grandson 6 year old can use Photoshop better than that!