Sex on the Wire: Big Racks and Body Paint

• Having big boobs might make you popular with the guys, but they can be a pain in the ass (or back). (The Frisky)

• Would you rather masturbate ten times a day for ten months or not have sex for six? Uh, how is that even a hard question? (Terrible Decisions)

• Saddest science headline of the day? “Naked Dense Bodies Provoke Depression” (Journal of Neuroscience)

• When will the DSM recognize “Narcissistic, Critical, Controlling and Domineering Personality Disorder” or as we like to call it “the new excuse for cheating guys.” (Lemondrop)

• The sexiest outfits for couples. His and her Ghostbuster outfits? Sure. (Betty Confidential)

• Love to run but hate that extra bounce in your boobs? Here are some of the best sports bras on the market. (Blisstree)

JWOWW covers her gravity-defying breasts in body paint. Is it weird that we still find her hot? (Yeeeah)

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