Without Blake Lively, Penn Badgley Needs A Rebound. Who Should It Be?

Does this mean Gossip Girl is officially over? First star Penn Badgley said he was getting bored of the series. And today through a rep, he confirmed that his relationship to CW costar Blake Lively is done. It’s practically the end of an era. We’re sad for the couple. Mostly because their relationship in real life added a fun incesty element to their television bond as step-siblings. But more importantly, after the requisite mourning period has passed, who should Penn date next? It’s time for some rebound dating.

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    • Palmer Huff

      Sometimes I get scared. I like Emma Stone so much but she is getting so famous so fast. I just really hope that this isn’t a fad and that she doesn’t burn out.

    • Palmer Huff

      You’ll notice she’s already doing this trendy dead on camera stare, like a deer in headlights type thing? She used to just smile like a normal human but now it’s different.