Crush Links: It’s A Bieber World, We Just Live In It

One great hairstyle deserves another. Jersey Shore‘s Pauly D is crushing on Justin Bieber‘s hair and might go as the Bieb for Halloween. (celebuzz)

Meanwhile, Justin’s got a thing for girls who wear Britney Spears‘ perfume. (Celeb-Gossip)

But that’s probably just PR for his own perfume line, called “My World.” (celebspin)

Speaking of Bieb adoration: Portuguese magazine Todateen might like Justin Bieber too much. Their photoshopped cover is upsetting Bieber fans for making him look like a porcelain doll. (celebuzz)

And potential Bieber replacement, tween singer Greyson Chance, has dropped his first single. He’ll be singing Waiting Outside the Lines live today on Ellen. (Vulture)

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal may or may not be dating, but they already have a nickname. And Swyllenhaal were seen out apple picking together yesterday in upstate New York. How cute. (US)

Antoine Dodson, the inadvertent viral star of The Bed Intruder Song, is coming out with a registered sex offender app. And he’s even lovable in the outtakes. (TMZ)

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