Crushable Interview: Mad Men’s Danny Strong

When we first saw Danny Strong at a party last year, our first thought wasn’t “That guy looks like he’s going to be on Mad Men!” We were too busy freaking out that we were actually meeting Jonathon from the trio, the nerdy villains that dominated season six of Buffy, and who fangirls like me usually have to go to Comic-Con to see. But Danny’s done more than hang out in Joss Whedon‘s clubhouse: he had a four season arc as Doyle McMaster on Gilmore Girls, and was most recently hired – and fired from – Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. We called Danny up and got him to answer our burning questions about life after Buffy, Internet super fans, and working on TV’s hottest show.

Crushable: You must still get people coming up and recognizing you from Buffy and Gilmore Girls, right? I feel like that contingent of fangirls and guys has every character memorized.

Danny: I do, I do. All the time. Both shows were really beloved and important to their fanbase. And what’s interesting is that it spans across all ages and types.

Crushable: So not just young girls?

Danny: It’s kind of everybody…particularly on Buffy. There were so many different types of people who loved that show, and it penetrated all these different circles: from Comic-Con fans to academia to hipsters to counter-culture, to people of just a certain age range, because they grew up on it.

Crushable: Do you still keep in touch with any of the actors from Buffy?

Danny: I still keep in touch with Adam Busch and Tom Lenk.

Crushable: The other two of the trio!

Danny: Ha, yeah. The season that we did that, all the scenes we shot together so it was basically our own movie. So it would literally just be the three of us – the majority of the scenes were just the three of us without any of the other characters – and we spent a lot of time doing that, it was really a great experience.

Crushable: Well Mad Men is definitely a departure in tone from Buffy or Gilmore Girls…what surprised you most going into the experience?

Danny: Well, nothing really surprised me, I was such a huge fan of the show. It’s literally my favorite show of all time, so I knew it backwards and forwards. So it was less about being surprised and more about being completely stoked that I was there. I just couldn’t believe I was there doing a scene with Don Draper or Peggy.

Crushable: This is such a weird question, but we were trying to figure it out after the episode where Harry says to you, “You’re such a Jew.” Which made sense, except if your character was Jewish, and you were Jane’s cousin…does that make Sterling’s wife Jewish?

Danny: Well, my character was definitely Jewish. Danny Siegel? Yeah. So that would make Jane Siegel Jewish.

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    • I heart Buffy

      Oh my god, I didn’t even realize that was Jonathan on Mad Men! Long live the nerds of doom!