Interview: The Hairpin’s Edith Zimmerman

The Awl is moving up in the world. The self-funded blog brought to the world by Choire Sicha, Alex Balk and David Cho has been expanding the last two months. In addition to launching comedy site Splitsider recently, the site got the David Carr treatment this weekend in The New York Times, where we learned that the blogs’ editors will not be subsisting on ramen for the interminable future. In fact, it looks like Awl Corp. might earn somewhere in the millions by next year. Even better, today they launched a lady site called The Hairpin, helmed by Liz Colville and Crushable friend Edith Zimmerman.

Last night I caught up with Edith to ask some of the most important questions ever asked in an interview setting. Or so it seemed, right before I fell into a cold medicine induced haze last night. This interview comes to you sponsored by Nyquil (me) and white wine (Edith):

How did you come up with the name Hairpin?
I picked the name because it’s a ladies’ item, but sort of sharp and pointy and useful. Sort of like the site? And a hairpin turn, and I like the word pin! Also it looks nice.

All the Awlites work from home, right? Are you looking forward to that or dreading it?
I’ll actually be working from a desk in Dumbo as of next week (Green Desk buildings). My dollhouse-sized apartment is too small to work from (I don’t have a desk, and I go a little crazy not being around other breathing humans, so that will be nice.) Liz is actually moving to San Francisco next weekend, so we’ll have to be internet girlfriends.

How will you balance the manliness of the other sites?
We’ll balance the manliness by … I don’t know! We’ll just tie a ribbon around the corners of our computers and type with a lot of bracelets.

Do you have a mascot for the site yet, or will Choire’s cat be bicoastal soon?
No mascot yet! Maybe an empty bottle of white wine? Ha. Also, that is what I just created this past hour.

Do you have any big plans for the “low millions” Awl Corp. will be earning in the next 18 months?
No big plans, other than to be the Greatest Site on the Internet that Everyone Loves and No One Hates. Not even when they Talk Privately to Other People.

What are your favorite feminine products?
My favorite feminine products are bobo tampons, pretty underwear, contacts, and foundation.

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