Mark Salling…Revealed!

Puck may be the resident bad boy with a heart of gold on Glee, but his real-life alter-ego is Mark Salling isn’t just one note. The release of Mark’s solo album Pipe Dreams this month was the first departure of any of the New Directions to pursue their personal music projects. (We bet Lea Michele is pissed she didn’t get there first.)

But how much do you actually know about Fox’s hit hunk? We did a bit of research and came up with 5 fun facts about Mark Salling that you can casually drop during your Glee-themed brunch next week.
1. He’s Definitely Not Jewish:
We can suspend our disbelief while watching Glee and pretend like that’s only a handful of kids singing Don’t Stop Believing, but every time Puck talks about how Jewish he is, it totally brings us out of the moment. Lea Michelle/Rachel Berry is part of the tribe. So is Dianna Agron, though her character Quinn is all about the Jesus love. And a lot of other famous people (check out Adam Sandler‘s Hanukkah song if you don’t believe us). Mark Salling/Puck just doesn’t strike us as one of them. And we were right: Not only is Mark not Jewish, but he was raised by Evangelical Christians and released a pre-Glee album by an alter-ego named Jericho. Here’s one of the songs off the album, “Equally.” To be fair, it doesn’t sound all that J-Rock to us.

And just for reference, this is what his new album sounds like, on the song “Migration”:

2. Jericho is the least of Mark’s embarrassing secrets:
He also played one of those devious Aryan tykes -minus the blond hair- in Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering, alongside Naomi Watts (also not a Jew).

3. He’s pro Glee-smut:
Well he’s not that much of Jesus Rocker: the 28-year old had no problem with his cast mates dolling up for their raunchy GQ shoot. While Dianna Agron was busy apologizing on her blog, Mark was telling her detractors to “get a life!” We can understand why Mark doesn’t have a problem with Lea, Corey Monteith, and Dianna separating themselves from their characters: he’s trying do the same with the release of Pipe Dreams, so what better way to take a stand then stick up for his friends? As he said, “People are starving, [Dallas] Cowboys are losing — there’s more important things to worry about in the world.” Then again, he also said that it was “tongue-in-cheek” that the characters on Glee would be in high school, which makes us think that he doesn’t know what that phrase means, so his whole argument may be invalid.

4. It Can Get Worse Than the Mohawk:

Mark’s high school hair was even more abominable than that one too-wide strip of cropped hair that he calls a mohawk on Glee. We’re glad for Puck’s bad boy image though: We’re not sure if we could live with Mark’s HS boy-band hair. And are those…highlights??! Blegch.

5. He’s As Big of Player In Real Life As He Is On The Show

Besides rumors of an IRL hookup with of costar Naya Rivera (Santana) that ended with her egging his car, Mark’s also been linked to Bachelor Vienna Gardi winner and S.C. heiress Samantha Marq. So even if Pipe Dreams ends up bursting his bubble, Mark can always fall back on one of his sugar mommas for support…right?

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    • dee

      You have to “suspend your disbelief” when he says he’s Jewish? I’m fine with that only as long as you also have to suspend your disbelief when Logan Lerman (Jew) plays any character that is NOT Jewish.

      If not, then no.

    • Frank

      Lea Michele didn’t give a rat’s ass that Mark released a failed album.

      Belvei me if she wanted one she have one. She has decided to wait a while.