• Mon, Oct 25 2010

Celebrity Lookalikes: Willow Smith Is Mini Rihanna

Before there was “Whip My Hair,” Willow Smith was just a girl with famous parents and a wacky sense of style. The 9-year-old was compared to Rihanna from the get-go, and she’s kept up her tribute to the older diva. Willow’s got the fauxhawks, the leather and the attitude down pat. We put together a gallery to show just how far Willow has taken the Rihanna look.

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  • dani

    hop outof bed turn no swag on
    pay no attenrion to rihanna because we copy it off
    and we are doing something wrong
    but they wont tell you nothing
    you aint trying to have fun
    they aint no party jumpin
    so wats up(yeah)
    you no when doing what we do
    we turn your backs and rip that her
    just to shake her off*3
    dont let hater tell me i took her style
    with my hair down low
    i aint fine

    the rest of song on facebook
    aka riney smith