Across the Pond: 5 British Hotties

It is amazing how quickly time flies. I read in a state of perplexed surprise that Romeo Beckham (the middle child of the Beckham clan) had apparently just signed his first fashion deal – designing sunglasses under the stewardship of his mother, the fabulous Victoria Beckham. He is eight years old. I remember the media furor when he was born.

People are growing up way too fast these days. I know I sound like my mother (although I assure you, I’m not digging an afternoon of bridge and tea just yet). All this talk of young stars in the making led me to think about actors whom I had seen a few years ago, people whom I recall thinking had star quality. As I wondered if these potential actors had ‘made it’, I was pleasantly surprised to discover they have blossomed into bright, intelligent individuals. And they’re easy on the eye too. Here’s my list of top five British eye candy – sorry, I mean actors.

1. Henry Cavill may not be a familiar name yet, but you will have seen him in either Tristan and Isolde, Count of Monte Cristo, or Town Creek. This 27 year old is destined for big things, as he adds another promising blockbuster to his belt. Look out for him in Immortals (he’ll be difficult to miss, with his honed eight-pack gracing the screen and delighting the masses on both sides of the pond). Cavill was in actual fact, Stephanie Meyer’s favourite to play Edward Cullen in Twilight, yet due to the time taken for production to kick off, Cavill was considered to be too old and the role went to Robert Pattinson.

2. Thomas Sangster is no stranger to the silver screen. The nation was charmed by the floppy haired child in ‘Love Actually’. Now 20 years old, he has made the successful leap from classic rom-com to serious drama (he played the young Paul McCartney and poet John Keats Samuel in Nowhere Boy and Bright Star respectively to perfection). His Orlando Bloom-esque good looks ensure he is definitely one to watch.

3.Nicholas Hoult first burst onto our screens in About A Boy where he played the eponymous quirkily eccentric boy with poignancy. His standout performance accentuated his impeccable comic timing in this tragic-comedy and the film offers came flooding in. Now 20 years old, he has starred in blockbusters such as Kidulthood, A Single Man and Clash Of The Titans.

4. Fourth place is the wonderful Charlie Cox, whose poster boy good looks landed him the lead role in ‘Stardust’. This 28 year old is currently starring in the English period drama Downton Abbey and has a promising career ahead, having finished filming two other films (Killing Bono and There Be Dragons), both slated for a Spring 2011 release. His crisp delivery and smouldering good looks make watching his films pure pleasure.

5.Rupert Grint is a fantastic actor, whose needs little introduction. This 22 year old is steadily expanding his repertoire with the insightful Cherrybomb and fabulously witty Wild Target. Both vehicles showcase Grint’s comedic and dramatic persona to devastating effect. Of course there is his much loved character of Ron Weasley too; not to mention it would be somewhat blasphemous. With the imminent release of the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, we can look forward to seeing more wizardly shenanigans.

So here you have the top five British actors which you will undoubtedly hear more about in the upcoming months. I look forward to these wonderful actors gracing our screens. Now I’m actually willing time to pass. Come on already..

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    • A Hudson

      Thanks for the lowdown! I want to hear more about Henry Cavill..! :-)

    • K Campbell

      That’s not Thomas Sangster, it’s Aaron Jonhston, from Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging; and Kick Ass.

    • Elisa

      I’m pretty sure that’s a picture of Aaron Johnson for number 2. Thomas Stangster and him are co-stars for “Nowhere Boys”

    • Mary

      No David Tennant? Are you crazy??

      • ASP

        I agree! I thought I would see him on the list! And that makes me angry.

    • anna

      Keats is played in Bright Star by the lovely Ben Whishaw, I’m afraid.

    • Nadia

      Love Henry Cavill. He really is under appreciated in the U.S. Also, that’s a pic of Aaron Johnson, who I have to say is hotter than Thomas Sangster, but still the wrong guy.

    • LC

      Just to let you know, the picture you have of Thomas Sangster is actually one of Aaron Johnson, who plays John Lennon in Nowhere Boy and also played Kick Ass in the movie of the same name. Look it up!

    • A Hudson

      Yaay, pics all in order :-) We need a full feature on Henry Cavill. Agree with Mary, more info on David Tennant please. He isn’t conventionally good looking but he’s definitely got something… :-)

    • Shani

      Thanks Rea! Surprised to find Rupert Grint on there, but can c what you mean. What nonsense about Romeo Beckham-who cares?

    • A.Hudson

      I don’t know, interest in Romeo Beckham & the rest of the Beckham clan is pretty huge over here in the UK…

    • Dee

      Why is it just the hotties being looked at… as if I don’t already know. The Brits are well known for producing the best of the unconventional actors. I see the likes of Tom Hardy, Jamnes McAvoy and new comer Ollie Barbieri doing very well.