Crush This: Emma Stone on SNL This Weekend

Crush This is your weekly guide to what’s new in movies, music and TV. We’re still in the midst of CMJ, so stay tuned for band interviews and more show recaps this week. For those of you outside of the city, we’ve got a list of exciting things coming up this week, most especially we’ve got our fingers crossed that Emma Stone does well Saturday night…

To look forward to on TV:

After the success of Easy A and getting cast in the Spiderman sequel this month, Emma Stone is leading the pack of Hollywood ingenues right now. Even better? She’s hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, and she’s actually funny. Check out her promos for the upcoming show.

On Tuesday night, the cast of Glee are reprising songs from  The Rocky Horror Picture Show. After shows themed around Britney Spears, religion and duets, we’re starting to think they’re running out of ideas. But we’re still excited for the Halloween episode, featuring the mid-70′s cult horror/parody/comedy/musical. As you can see by this preview, they are taking this one pretty seriously. We’re hoping they don’t neuter the movie too badly. Take this opportunity to re-impress us and run with it, Glee!

For your iPod:

Do you like Washed Out? Well then you’ll love Small Black! They are having quite a busy week coming up. In addition to performing for CMJ last night at Pianos, they are officially releasing their second album, New Chain, on the 26th. You can listen to two of the tracks from the forthcoming album on Pitchfork.

This week’s crush is:

Kieran Hebden, more commonly known as Four Tet! Performing with Gold Panda tonight at Webster Hall for CMJ, Kieran has been greatly underappreciated for all the work he has done. It’s hard to remember that instrumental bands are actually people, and once you see the face behind the intoxicating sound it’s even better to find out that they’re super cute. If you haven’t heard Kieran’s work before, be sure to check out a popular song of his, “Slow Jam”.

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