• Wed, Oct 20 2010

Gallery: Russian Fashion Week Is A Candy-Colored Dream

Move over Portugal. Russian’s Fashion Week is here to disprove the idea that Russian ladies only wear tracksuits and fur stoles. They also wear insane nu-Raver wear, as evidenced by yesterday’s YanaStasia show. The outfits are like cotton candy: bright and colorful, and makes you a little nauseous if you have too much of it. Is there any way we can dress up as Russian models for Halloween?

(Photos via WENN)

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  • American Idiot

    I am a little surprised that the KGB didn’t put a stop to this. Here’s to you Russia for proving the world wrong…you, in fact, do NOT see just in black and white.

  • Worried13

    Maybe they are color blind and thats why they picked those colors