• Tue, Oct 19 2010

Your New Crush: Madonna’s 24-Year-Old, Brahim Zaibat

Since splitting from husband Guy Ritchie, Madonna has been seen around the world with a number of much younger men. And her new boy toy is no exception. Meet Brahim Zaibat, Madonna’s backup singer/new love interest. Par for the course with Madge, he’s pretty dreamy. Though we just realized that at 24, he’s also younger than everyone who works here. Which is sort of weird.

After the jump, some photos and and an awesome video we dug up of the soccer loving model/dancer.

According to X17Online.com, Madge and Brahim have “been seeing each other for a few months but really keeping it on the DL.”

If nothing else, he’s getting some great publicity from the news. The French born dancer is an avid break dancer, as evidenced from this photo from his dance troupe Pro-Dance:

Brahim is a member of the “Pockemon crew,” and Pro-Dance describes him as an award-winning dance with “signature moves [that] are recognized instantly by dancers everywhere.”
More importantly, “his trademark flexible style and swagger is impossible to imitate.”
Check out his dancing for yourself. Brahim exhibits some amazing b-boy moves in this battle video from 2008:

And here’s Brahim in a promotional video from Pro-Dance:

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  • Tommy Nero

    Am so very happy that Madonna has finally discovered Algerian & Moroccan men. I’m certain this will inspire some fantastically passionate music. Congratulations to the happy couple!!!!!

  • @Tommy Nero

    Brahim is French.
    Yes, of foreign ascent to some extent, probably (and who’s not ?), but French nonetheless.

  • Daria

    @ Tommy Nero

    I’m sure she has discovered them along time ago! ;)

  • dreamer

    why Algerian !! why not American !! what’s the secret with Algerians ?

  • alla

    i love you ibrahim

  • ana

    i love algeria