Love It Or Leave It: Willow Smith’s Snail Nails

Today on Access Hollywood, Willow Smith came on to talk about the video for Whip My Hair Back.” While she was there, she debuted a new manicure that co-host Kit Hoover described as “Halloween candy on the nails.” We’re not sure what to make of them, since it looks like her nail attachments would make it hard to actually complete daily tasks, like typing and eating.

They appear to be snap on nail designs, and look like they might cater exclusively to elementary schoolers or the rich and fabulous – namely people who don’t actually need to use their hands for work. The attachments include snails and a cake. Willow isn’t even sure what they are. She started explaining the designs and got stumped, saying:

“I don’t know what this is… But I know that that’s a strawberry.”

Kit decided that Willow’s snail nails make her a “trendsetter!” She thinks we’ll be seeing these on girls everywhere soon thanks to the pint sized pop singer.

All I know is this: That’s what my mom used to say to me in high school whenever I wore an outfit she didn’t like.

UPDATE: Leave it to Willow to find some Japanese 3D nail accessories to bring over here. Apparently these are CALGEL nails. And you can even get them in the states now.

UPDATE 2:  The stylist who designed Willow’s nails is LA-based Luca Harino.

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    • Shellie

      Snail nails… seriously? Is that a mushroom growing off her hand??

      • Meghan Keane

        Probably. Though you have to be really rich to be able to pull off a fake fungus growing on your nail with confidence.

    • ashley

      stop hating, those nails are different and cute im going to try them so all those haters out there watch me rock them with a crazy stop hating on the rich kid.

    • Mikey doling

      I think the creativity is amazing and for the mature comments by Shelle/meghan im sure it’s cause your a person that hate the way you look so bag others for trying to be steller at something…what do you do with your life…try going for some exercise im sure you need it…right?

      good job to the person that made those nails and to Willow!!

    • Yes

      These are called 3D NAILS…Its been in Milwaukee, WI for many years now…some people get stickers or small block letters

    • Orteannia

      -Your nails are so kute.!
      And I also wanted to say that I really love your song…I listen to your song almost everyday…and also your hair is very pretty!