Terrible Trend Alert: Selling Drugs on Facebook and Twitter

Back in my day, kids bought drugs the old-fashioned way: off of shady 420 dealers on Craigslist. Nowadays with these new gadgets and iPockets and what have you, you don’t even need to write more than 140 characters to sell your kind-bud. Just tweet it out, or use your Facebook account, according to this incredibly ill-informed article in Death and Taxes:

Social media is currently the safest and most efficient way of dealing drugs for two simple reasons: a) you select your buyers and b) you have access to them all day every day…
This is still a budding trend, but I imagine it will be fairly ubiquitous shortly. The people I know of who sell drugs over Facebook and Twitter refused to be interviewed for this article, which is really bizarre since they publish their phone numbers next to their pictures on Facebook with really indiscrete messaging. But that’s the beauty of it: The cops can raid your house, tap your phone line, and whatever else, but they can’t follow you on Facebook or Twitter unless you let them.

Riiiiiiight. Because all those problems already facing Facebook’s iffy privacy policy will somehow magically keep your identity safe, while that kid who had his picture up for 6 years after he thought he deleted just had bad luck.

Look, how many times do we have to say this? When you give info on Facebook — your name, your picture, your phone number, your address — that shit is no longer entirely your property. It’s co-optly owned by Facebook, to do with as they please. And sure, the chances of cops really spending the time to scour teens accounts for drug deals going down is unlikely, it sure will make for great evidence in court once you are eventually caught. Ooops, you thought you deleted that status message about selling Ecstasy? Too bad: Mark Zuckerberg‘s still got it.

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    • dabwoy

      I know this is old. But.. Anybody can follow you on twitter… and police honestly don’t waste time with people moving small stuff. They go for the big people. The roots are what hold the tree down. And roots will always exist. Even if we dig em up. But the bastards will still try and lock u up for a few grams of weed.. u don’t have to be selling anything.