Daily WTF: This Is Justin Bieber’s Dad?

When we heard that Justin Bieber assaulted a 12-year old up in Canada while playing laser tag this weekend, we were shocked. Not really. It’s hard to believe that the Biebs would do that intentionally. But we were shocked by this photo, because we initially assumed that Biebs was standing around with someone his own age.

But then we went to Zack Taylor’s website, the Canadian gossip who broke the news, we found this handy diagram and learned that the guy on the right in this photo is actually Justin’s dad.

We knew the pop star’s dad was pretty young, but we didn’t realize he rocked the whole board shorts with sneakers and big white socks look.
As Justin told People this summer, his dad Jeremy is “the one who got me into classic rock and then turned me on to stuff like Guns N’ Roses and Metallica.” Also, he is 36 and thinks Dumb and Dumber “has to be the greatest movie of all time.”

In other news, the Biebs’ dad likes to post shirtless photos of himself on the internet. What do you think – Biebs’ dad: hot or not?

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    • Sam

      yup he is too hot to handle and we should ask in unison to let him wear his tee and let others handle his tiny little kid bieber.

    • Sally

      Omg Justin bieber and his dad are sooo hot!!!