Lee Pace: Revealed!

ABC’s cult show Pushing Daisies may have been canceled in 2009, but its lovable, supernatural star Lee Pace has managed to live on. The sandy-haired Oklahoma native was just cast as the adventurous vampire Garrett in Twilight: Breaking Dawn, which will undoubtedly pull Lee’s career back from the grave (no pun intended). Whether you were a Pushing Daisies fanatic or never heard of Lee, Crushable dug up 5 fun facts about the actor that may surprise you.

1. Despite his Midwestern good looks, Lee spent a good portion of his childhood in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia, to be specific, where his father traded in the oil business. And it was just him and his father that moved to Houston, Texas where Lee attended high school. But don’t imagine any There Will Be Blood moments: Lee and his father have remained close despite the actor’s decision not to go into the family biz.

2. He really is the king of random roles:
From his 2003 breakout role as the transgendered nightclub performer Calpernia Addams who fell in love with a military man in Showtime’s Emmy award-winning Soldier’s Girl, Lee’s career has crossed almost every genre. He’s done art house flicks (like Tarsem Singh beautiful fantasy film The Fall, which if you haven’t seen, is amazing and the best movie ever), took part in Robert De Niro‘s covert CIA thriller The Good Shepherd, and then took the lead opposite a talking great dane in the live-action Marmaduke. Lets be generous and say he’s not picky when it comes to choosing parts…but we’re glad he’ll be sharing more onscreen time with werewolves than talking dogs this year.

3. He’s besties with Sarah Michelle Gellar: The Buffy actress befriended Lee on the set of Possession, and the duo were spotted together attending the Met’s exhibition of Superhero costumes together. Apparently Freddie Prinze Jr. isn’t the jealous type, because Lee went so far as to say that the American remake of the South Korean film was much more romantic than the original, because of the great “connection” he shared with Sarah.

4. He’s got eyebrows from another era: Garrett will be the fourth character Lee’s played that’s seen the turn of last century: in The Fall, The Good Shepherd, and Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day, Lee was cast as the archetypal ’20s-’50s “Handsome Hollywood” man. Why do directors keep giving him the Cary Grant roles? “I think it’s my eyebrows,” Lee joked. Or maybe he just looks good in a lot of makeup?

5. Lee’s totally method: In The Fall, Lee’s character was supposed to be an injured stuntman in a wheelchair. Lee played his part so well — even when the cameras were off — that nobody on the set, director including, was aware that Lee wasn’t actually a paralyzed actor. For his turn in Soldier’s Girl, he lost 25 pounds and was asked by the director if he even had a penis. Look out, Christian Bale. Hopefully this role in Breaking Dawn means Lee won’t be sucking blood anytime soon.

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