Jennifer Petkov Arrested For Assault

Jennifer Petkov, the Detroit woman who is now the subject of internet for posting death threats about her 7-year-old dying neighbor on Facebook, was arrested this week. She allegedly attempted to hit a neighbor with her car. The woman pressing charges wasn’t related to Kathleen Edward , the little girl Jennifer was tauniting, but she was on her way to visit the family.

Meanwhile, Petkov’s husband Scott has been suspended from his job as a forklift driver, and is likely to be fired, due to frequent letters sent to his employer by 4Chan members.

Jennifer has since been released on bail. But it’s also come out that Jennifer Petkov was placed on probation for disorderly conduct for six months on July 5, 2010.

As for the Edward family, there has been an outpouring of support, and this week Kathleen went on a $2000 shopping spree at Tree Town Toys in Ann Arbor, thanks to generous donations made by people who have learned of the story.

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    • Scott

      I hope Jennifer gets the max for this. It is too bad she can not be infected with this terrible disease and suffer the same pain and suffering. I hope that God and Christ can forgive her because I can’t. A 33 year old taunting a child? Maybe she should also be given a hysterextomy! No woman who does this deserves the opportunity to reproduce!

      • A Different Scott

        I would forgive her, however I could never forget. You can forgive someone and everyone should however, that does not mean that you escape justice. If I lived on that street I would want them to completely leave the community and state and have there names recoded in history of their actions and autrocities committed against a dying child. Let their family name be recorded in history of the oure evil that exists in that family. Let the light shine on this and then maybe no other child will ever be “Petkovs” again.

    • M. Slade

      What possesses a grown woman to attack a child? This woman has a child of her own. How would she feel if another adult did this to her child? It’s so despicable it’s unimaginable. Where is her husband in all this? He does nothing to stop her? I’m shocked she hasn’t been arrested for child abuse. What kind of laws do they have in Detroit? The whole thing is just so disturbing. I don’t know what I would do if I were this child’s parent.

    • A Duncan

      This sick, twisted piece of human garbage needs a comeuppance and I have faith that she’ll get it. Her big mouth, complete lack of empathy, and impulse control will ensure it. Whatever punishment the law meets out won’t be nearly as damaging as the punishment she’ll have for at least the next few years. She won’t get work, her kids have been taken from her, her husband lost his job over this. With any luck soon they’ll probably lose their home too and be forced to move away from the neighbours they’ve criminally harassed. Yes, this woman and her husband are swirling the drain, isn’t it a beautiful thing? :D

    • Oberon123

      Boy, you think you know the definition of white trash, and then somebody like this comes along to give a whole new meaning to the term. I’ve never seen such filth in my life. I’m glad that she’s lost two of her kids. Now she needs to lose some freedom in a local jail. What a piece of work!

    • MarrsGirl

      Isn’t there anyone in the Havenwood, MI area with a baseball bat? Someone needs to give this BIOTCH some tough love.

    • Just a Thought

      What this woman did was completely wrong. She is, no doubt, out of control.

      And I can understand the feelings that everyone here have taken the time to express. However, this woman did not just wake up one day to become this person. What horrible things have happened in her life to get her to this point? Why has no one expressed concern for her? This woman needs a lot of love, support and therapy. She’s obviously wounded and acting out her pain. Is it okay? No. But who here is perfect? Petkov is a human being too.

      After reading through some of the very unkind responses here, I find myself wanting to ask everyone to take a step back and reflect. Then ask themselves, “Do two wrongs make a right?”

      Anger affects all of us. It affected Petkov, and it is now affecting you. As evolving human beings we all need to recognize the destructive power of our anger and our egos, and dedicate our lives to taming these two beasts, lest they destroy us and those around us.

      Love to all of you! We are all family on this planet, whether you like it or not. Petkov is our sister. If our sister needs help, do we abandon her in her time of need? If your answer is yes, you are part of the problem.

      Due to past trauma, Petkov has lost the ability to love her neighbor as herself. However, that doesn’t give us all a free pass to act the same way, does it?

      Lead by example.

      • Kili

        Who the hell CARES what got her there? Seriously, she’s an ADULT and as such is fully and wholly responsible for HER ACTIONS, no matter what her past is. She is an adult who deliberately and with vindictiveness chose to torture a dying child…. I couldn’t care less what inspired that kind of sick, cruel and evil…. I care that she be stopped and not be able to pass it on to anyone else.

    • Susan Mandreger

      I have known Jennifer and her family since Jennifer was 7 years old. She is from a loving and stable family, and used to babysit for my children. I think there is more to the story, and definately 2 sides. However it’s never ok to lash out or torment neighbors. I would need to personally talk to Jennifer to figure all this out.

      • concerned


    • Johnny 1

      I wonder if she’s a sociopath.

    • Jerry Brown

      Not from Detroit. A Detroit suburb — Trenton, Mich. Correction is like two years old.