Sorry Ladies, No More Excuses About Being Bad At Math

I remember the first time I was convinced that I was going to become a prostitute. Hear me out: I had just gotten a D in my junior year high school math class, which was going to bring down my GPA, which meant I was never going to get into a good college, which meant ____ (I was a little fuzzy on the next step, but was convinced it was going to end up with me either doing porn or turning tricks on the corner). And I’ll never forget what my guidance counselor said when I went in, terrified that I had just ruined any chances of a normal, none sex-worker lifestyle.

“Don’t worry honey, colleges don’t look at girl’s math scores.” You know, because there’s that part of our brains that are filled with tips on how to put on lipstick and be mean to each other where the math part aught to be. Unfortunately, a new study has revealed that the differences in men and women’s ability to do math is so small that it is basically insignificant.

So why “Sorry ladies?” Because it’s not “the man” that keeps girls away from a major in Economics and opting away from AP statistics. We do it to ourselves, because it’s a cultural “fact” that women in general find math less enjoyable than other subjects. And we’ve always had the excuse that our brains (for the most part) just weren’t hard-wired the same way guys were. It was a convienent excuse and fun while it lasted, but party time is over. Women are just as good at math as guys, so suck it up and don’t use your gender as an excuse for your shitty grades.

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