Fashion Fix: Freeze Your Jeans, The Best Way to Clean Denim?

Don’t like the feeling of tight jeans out of the dryer? Hate your denim fading in the wash? Consider putting your Calvins in the freezer: We couldn’t believe it when we heard this tip from a fashion publicist, but doing a quick Internet search revealed that this pro-tip isn’t such a secret. Freezing your jeans won’t remove stains, but it will kill bacteria (and smells!) without shrinking the fabric.

Here’s what you’ll need:
One pair of jeans (dirty)
A big plastic baggie.
A freezer
A day-one week to spare (depending who you ask)

What to do:
Fold jeans, insert into baggy. Make sure there is no leaky things in your freezer. Than just be chill like this guy.

Oh also, this works for shoes too. Who knew? There’s been some debate about whether freezing jeans actually does anything except remove bacteria.

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    • CurlySarah

      Hmm… I have a scientist friend who said this wasn’t really true – the temperatures would have to be much colder to kill most bacteria this way (unless maybe putting it in baggies which would “suffocate” it makes a difference – we hadn’t heard that part a few yrs ago when I heard of this trick). Has anyone tried it with the ziploc and it worked (or didn’t)??

    • Willa

      Gee what has happened to COLD WATER WASHING hanging to dry then putting the old iron to work….If you love your clothes then by all means keep them clean an extra few minutes of ironing won’t kill anyone and you’ll find out it is so satisfying to have done something yourself for you!

    • Marc

      Oh Willa, Willa, Willa,

      You crazy, logical, intelligent pragmatist! Suggesting the most normal and obvious solution. That just won’t do. Look closely at your reply; it contains the words washing, hanging, work, ironing and the killer; “done something yourself” ! That’s almost hate speech to some people. I suggest you stop giving medieval advice lest someone gets their feelings hurt. “done something yourself”, really !

    • Calypso Jones