American Apparel Wants To Destroy Halloween

What’s that, young hipster? You don’t have a Halloween costume yet? Fear not, for American Apparel is here to help you out with dress-up options pulled from their own clothing line — how generous! For example, did you know that putting your hair in a scrunchee means you’re dressed as a “slumber party”? And a white sweater over white tights makes you the moon! (The moon is rolling over in its, um, orbit of the earth.)

The store is offering a 15% discount for buying an entire costume, but we recommend taking off all your clothes and going as Dov Charney. Or — even better — putting on your clothes and going as Sexy Dov Charney.

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      For one, American Apparel has Halloween Costumes every year. Secondly, Troll Dolls are trademarked, so clearly they had to improvise.

      • noyo

        um, do you work there or something?
        these “costumes” if you can call them that, are stupid.
        cheap ploy to get people to buy their overpriced clothing.
        typical consumer-driven exploitation of the harvest season

    • Palmer Huff

      A desperate attempt at a last hoorah before an imminent downfall.