Am I Right Ladies: Five WTF Celebrity Endorsements

Heidi Klum Houses 80 Calories To the Awe of No One.

No. No it’s not hard to believe it’s only 80 calories. Last time I dipped into a Dannon Light n’ Fit, all I tasted was chemicals and unrealistic body expectations. After finishing my cup in just under 23 seconds, the only thing I was full with was dissatisfaction. Seeing Heidi Klum voraciously licking her lean treat with the sincerity of an ambulance chaser does not tempt me try again. I have one life rule and that’s don’t take advice from models. It’s produced mixed results thus far, but I’ll risk my hips for those extra 20 calories. Don’t crap in my yogurt cup and call it premium custard, am I right ladies?

Alexa Ray Joel and a Product Called Prell

Okay seriously girls, what the f**k?

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    • LuckyStar627

      why is Justin Bieber advertising for nail polish?? can’t they use Miranda Cosgrove or Selena Gomez? they are much more suited for it…no disrespect Justin but i don’t think you will be taken seriously if you’re posing with nail polish