Sex on the Wire: Christine O’Donnell’s Bed Intruder Ad

• Hey ladies! It’s still a “red flag” if a guy doesn’t pay the entirety of your first date together. Yay feminism? (Betty Confidential)

• The sexiest photo you’ll see all day: Zach Galifianakis in a bathing suit. (The Frisky)

• Complain about sex parties occuring on school grounds is enough to get you fired from your teaching job in Texas now. (Nerve)

• Are you really attracted to guys with 6-pack abs? (The Gloss)

• Turn out that cloning ain’t got nothing on good old fashion boning. (MSNBC)

Nick James, husband of Devon James, one of Tiger Woods’ porn mistresses, swears he’ll release a sex tape of his wife and the golfer. Just what we were asking for! (Huffington Post)

Christine O’Donnell has a sense of humor! Her latest ad rips on that awesome bed intruder song. (Urlesque)

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