Celeb Tweetup: Histrionical

As a celebrity, it must sometimes be difficult to connect to important world events from your golden bathtub of champagne bubbles. And even if you are somehow able to get news (via your robot butler), you might not even be able to comprehend it, as your worldview is so different from normal plebians. That’s why we like to see people like today’s celebrity tweeters making that honest effort to understand global issues, even if that means just thinking really hard of a way to relate it back to yourself.

Bret Easton Ellis (@breteastonellis) likes to keep things in perspective.

JWOWW (@JenniWOWW) has already forgotten about the whole “boiling live lobsters” incident from last week’s Jersey Shore.

There is nothing at all weird about Dr. Drew tweeting stuff back and forth with Nick Jr.’s Twitter.

Rob Kardashian
(@robkardashian)…an expert at taking his own advice.

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