Kim Kardashian Courts The Title of Non-Skinny Poster Celeb With New Naked Photos

Kim Kardashian regrets posing nude for Playboy. But that doesn’t mean she won’t pose nude again. And again. Today there are photos circulating from her nude cover shoot for W Magazine’s art issue. Are the gratuitous? Maybe. But they also prove how hard Kim is campaigning to position herself as the poster celebrity for the crusade against overly skinny women in magazines.

Everyone knows that celebrities get photoshopped. But increasingly, people are getting upset about the way that images of celebrities and models are presented to young girls. Even the Girl Scouts have taken a break from selling cookies to speak out against overly skinny models getting photoshopped.

While Kim Kardashian denies having had any plastic surgery, it seems obvious by now that she’s had a nose job. Are the rumors about her boob job and butt enhancements true too? That seems less clear. But regardless, the most famous Kardashian definitely presents a different female model from the norm when she poses in photos without her clothes on.

And she’s fully embraced that notion. When she posed without airbrushing for the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar, she told the magazine:

“I might have a little bit of cellulite. I might not be toned everywhere. I might struggle in this area or that. But accepting that just empowers me.”

In the NSFW photos for W, she’s covered only in silver paint. And the images present a stark contrast to the nude and semi-nude fashion models that normally grace such magazines.

Now, does it makes sense to have her on the cover of W’s “art issue’? That’s another story.

UPDATE: Help Crushable settle an office debate. Has Kim Kardashian had plastic surgery? And if so, how much?

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    • coni

      I absolutely love her!

      • Mutuellegurk


        Nice forum ! I’m just registered today. is very intersting…

        Nice to meet you.

    • *K*

      yippee!! it’s about time someone with a normal body put it out there. LOVE KIM! I am also a thinner girl that is very active and still has d-cup boobs and a booty on me. it’s refreshing to see a “hot” bod that looks semi-similar. I get so sick of opening fitness and fashion magazines and thinking…I will never look like that short of becoming anorexic or developing a serious coke habit :) I am sure Kim will get slammed in the media for her “unperfect” body, but I think she is beautiful and have never been so grateful (as weird as that sounds) to see yet another nude celebrity!!!

    • briana

      yea but i am sure the thousand of teenage girls who try to get a body like this
      that is thrown at your face every time you look anywhere wont be affected ?
      “art” Ha.. just another excuse to get attention ? you cant go anywhere without seeing this girl who is famous for her body..what a sad world, with sadder people. shes not anyone to look up to we have all seen your body and its nothing different from the video.