Celeb TweetUp: Emily Post Etiquette Edition

When people get famous, they don’t magically stop getting annoyed at the rest of the world. And when celebrities with Twitter accounts get pissed off, sharing those critiques is easy.

Today in the twitterverse, there were a lot of celebrities who would like to share a few etiquette tips. We’ve got an Office star who would like parents to stop using baby voices, and a celebrity reporter who thinks Courteney Cox‘s daughter is going to end up in therapy. Also, Tom Cruise wants people to start paying more attention to his spelling mistakes.

The Office star Mindy Kaling would like to STFU parents using baby voices to talk about their kids:

Paula Abdul would like to reprimand her Twitter for sending out crazy, delusional repeat messages again. That’s totally not what she intended:

American Idol winner Kris Allen isn’t sure what to do with these handcuffs on his treadmill at the gym:

Billy Bush isn’t ready to play nice about Courteney Cox and David Arquette‘s separation:

And finally, Tom Cruise would like to draw people’s attention to the cause of illiteracy. His parents must be so embarrassed by his poor spelling:

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