Jennifer Petkov Feels The Wrath Of The Internet, Apologizes

UPDATE: We found out why Petkov and the Edward family have been fighting all these years. And it’s rather embarrassing for Petkov.
UPDATE: Jennifer Petkov has been arrested for assault.

It’s amazing what a weekend of internet abuse can do to an ill conceived hate campaign. Jennifer Petkov attracted some 4Chan attention recently when she decided to attack her 7-year old dying neighbor on Facebook. After posting a photo of the girl’s dead mother with the Grim Reaper, Petkov attracted the attention of FOX News, and was completely unrepentant about her actions.

It didn’t take long for 4Chan users to organize a fatwa against her family, publicize her address and encouraging attacks against her. And it worked. Petkov has quickly changed her tune. Last week, Petkov posted photos of Kathleen Edward with a skull and crossbones and said she wished the girl dead because it would “rub their ass RAW!”

This week, she wishes she hadn’t said anything. After getting her house egged and receiving death threats, Petkov apologized for her behavior, saying “hopefully we can live our lives peacefully from now on.”

It’s not clear if the internet is done with Petkov yet, though. 7-year old Kathleen suffers from Huntington’s Disease, the same illness that killed her mother at age 24. In response to Petkov’s actions, neighbors, friends and outraged Detroit residents have held vigils outside Edward’s home.

In addition to the 4Chan campaign, Petkov is now the subject of thousands upon thousands of angry Facebook comments. (The image above is from a new anti-fan page that has sprung up).

And of course, in case you missed it, the original video of Petkov in all her horrible glory:

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    • fenfenner

      I have no problem saying this. No problem at all.

      I was raised to scorn women like Jennifer Petkov. I was raised to view them as losers. As ignorant, unworthy people. For a few years of my life I thought that this lesson was harsh and that I should have empathy for women like Petkov.

      Now I realize that my father was right. There are just some people who should be scorned, disdained, and mocked. Avoided. Not invited. Left off the list. Dirt under your feet.

      Jennifer Petkov and women like her destroy neighborhoods, wreck families, and ruin communities. They humiliate their own clans. They think they’re tough and strong. What they are, are “white trash women.” After watching this cheap piece of human mouth off to the camera, I no longer cringe at the idea that my own family brought me up to silently dismiss people like her. I no longer believe that my family was wrong to suggest that sometimes, a certain class of person is better than another. I think it’s now okay for anyone to believe that yes, you are BETTER than people like Jennifer Petkov. And to let her know it, too.

      I no longer feel like a “snob” after reading about this terrible story.

      To the little girl that Jennifer Petkov bullied and mocked, all I can say is that some of us have lost loved ones to cancer and other diseases, and that as long as filth like Petkov walk the earth, the good and virtuous among us will always side with any effort to make a cheap, tacky, mouthy, uncouth, ignorant, trashy person like Jennifer Petkov feel the reminder, every single day of life, that no one wants her, likes her, respects her, admires her, or trusts her.

      I hope she lives the rest of her life knowing that no respectable person will ever have anything to do with her, and that she feels the eyes of scorn and disdain upon her forever. I want her to know that she has to hover like a scared child in her own home, painfully aware that the second she goes to the store, to a movie, to get a burger, that people are snorting at her under their breath and calling her “white trash.”

      • karmic facilatator

        I invoke the law of 3,
        let Jennifer petrov suffer x3

    • Robert S

      this is why…

    • youfreakingloser

      I’m nor buying the apology. too little to late of that. lol the dickless husband must be wishing he had a set of balls and stopped her before it came to this.

    • David pettinger

      this is beyond sad………….do we really think life is great in that household, they are going through such suffering……….buffet gates oprah they could easily help them, property is cheap around that area…………….it wouldnt even show up in there fat bank accounts, i wish i was rich, i would go out there, move the family, give them some quality in the remainder of there life, yes america has turned there back on them…especially that shit tip trenton you can get sent to court, and get into lots of trouble just send an offensive sms to someone, in america you can publicly on a world scale bring total devastation to this family and GET AWAY WITH IT

      • MIke

        WHAT?????????? Not a god damn word of that made sense. Put ur crack pipe down and exhale you stoner!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Amanda

      I’m been reading articles all morning and I love how her neighbors have helper revenge seekers. I have found posting with the family’s address and telephone numbers. One contributor said “Everyone should take this address, have magazines (porn mostly I’m sure) and thousands of pizzas sent to their house. Run up a small tab.”

    • jill

      I sure hope nothing happens to her children….. :)

    • Danny

      It would be great if someone offered her husband a great job in New Mexico or some place far enough away that this white trash family will have to move. The punch line is that this job doesn’t exist. They move and lose their income…now this would be a great prank to play on the Petkov family…ha ha ha now your homeless.

    • Nick Mulgrave

      Up till now I have considered myself the type of person who does not condone violence. But after watching this video I am forced to admit I may have been wrong. If ever someone needed a brutal ass kicking it is Jennifer Petkov.

    • Mike

      I propose a new derogatory term: “petkov”, as in, “Don’t be such a petkov!” or “That guy is such a petkov!”

    • Grim Reaper

      Live your life in peace? Never bitch, I will haunt you till you die.

    • Al

      Hey, she’s probably a sociopath. That isn’t her fault. I don’t know what to do about sociopaths except to recognize them for what they are and to hold them responsible for their actions like anybody else. But she’s no more to blame for her sociopathy than that poor child is to blame for her Huntington’s.
      All the holier-than-thou hate directed against her isn’t helping anything. It just stinks up a world that sucks enough already.

      • lizlemon

        uh, shut up. the problem with sociopaths is that they know right from wrong…they just don’t care.

    • Kaylee

      DISGUSTING. Jennifer Petkov is nothing more than white trash. Just look at her. Listen to how she talks. Gross. And her husband is a dumbass.

    • joseph.sp.tick

      I LOVE that bitchy expression on jennifers face. We all know those women are in for a very bad time. I would like to see her pull their hair and scratrch and claw them

    • Wondering why

      This seems to be an ongoing neighbor dispute. I have a feeling it involves more than just a missed birthday party invitation. Jennifer Petkov’s actions are horrific, I wonder if she was pushed to the brink by someone. A mentally unstable person will do things like this, if pushed far enough. I do not condone her actions at all, but I don’t think the Edwards are as innocent in all this, either. Petkov’s husband said the Edwards had said things about his home and wife. We will never know the whole story.

      • Clara

        I don’t know what someone could say about someone that could possibly justify the abuse of this child and her family.

      • robert quinn

        i will find you and your man watch your back jennifer im sick im dying but i will get you before i die see you soon

    • joseph..sp.tick


    • Renee

      The Rose and Edward family is not as innocent as they would like everyone to think. This whole Shebang is over more than a birthday party, and the truth will come out eventually. A site was put up on FB bashing Petkov. The family and friends are all over daily posting. The friends of the family make death threats daily. And they are all acting just as badly at Petkov. Recently when the Petkov’s went to court for the “SUPPOSED” running over FRIEND of the Rose family, which I don’t believe Tana Boiling, the internet situtation was brought up and now the FAMILY has shifted winds and some are leaving the site those that remain are “TRYING” to clean the site up…HAHAHA too late, the evidence still remains even though they have deleted many posts but thats cause they need to cover their butts. You can not act like a victim in one breathe and then villian in the next and behave just as badly.. haha sickening !

      • Renee

        pppsss the site I am talking about is Jennifer Lyn Petkov Sucks. GO check it out. Scroll though the post not the recently added saint like view they want to behold, go back further to the beginning of January and further back, That is where you will find the sickness of them ALL.

      • Jennifer Starr

        But you do suck, Jennifer. You do.

      • teller gemma

        wow, are you crazy or what? I seen all you posted before you deleted! And people are right when they, if you want to know what Jennifer is doing to Becky Rose , then listion to what she is saying becky’s doing. Because you do things then say its becky doing it to you!! God get help

      • shawn

        No, there is to sides to every story but Jennifers side is far more sever. There is nothing your neighbors with a terminal ill child and a deceased mother can do to make one stoop so low, nothing.

        All this online confrontation and arguing is my definition of white trash as they are just blame artists. there is so much in life to work at and success…who gets bogged down with such petty concerns? these people vote…no wonder this country is such a mess.

    • Ester

      Wow Jennifer (aka renee),Looks like you have found a new site to post your LIES. You failed to mention that you and all your fake profiles posted alot more than what you see on that page! The only difference is you have a problem it’s called “POST AND DELETE” You post all your crap then delete it so it looks as if your the one getting picked on, the problem I see for you is , alot of people printed it out:) You are trying so hard to make people think you did nothing but 2 pictures!! And you know thats a LIE! So let me start with Beckys daughter recieved an E mail saying “It’s a shame that kid aint dead yet… I pray nightly” the funny thing is that the picture used for the profile was your x husbands current girlfriend, and when Holly and your x went to the police station to report it, you then told your kids that they could not go with their dad and they could thank Holly for it!! I just reviewed the video tape to make sure I am telling the truth, and yes I am:) Then their were a few more e mails to follow, and when you could not get Holly to lower heself to your level, well then you moved on to making those pictures and posting them, I am looking at all your comments you made on the get the devil off Detroit st and , well lets just say you better pray that Becky never gives me the ok to post the page along with the videos you keep saying don’t exist, my sister has more class than you will ever know because she has 2 videos of you CLEARLY taunting, harrassing and wishing Death on Kathleen, she won’t post them because she don’t want anything to happen to you! So now if you want to keep running your mouth and telling lies I just might have to let her get mad at me, because I don’t care, if it’s the truth and people will see what she has had to face for over 3 years now well, like you said “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” you do remember that letter dont you?

    • joy

      I don’t care what another adult said to that dumb ass Jennifer Petkov! YOU DON’T VERBALLY OR OTHERWISE ATTACK ANY CHILD LET ALONE A TERMINALLY ILL CHILD!! HELLO! How could that idiot say anything mean about that beautiful, smiling little angel? I would LOVE to have 5 minutes alone with that idiot Jennifer Petkov! She would never open her putrid mouth up against another child!! You could take that to the bank!!

    • Janette

      Jennifer Petkov
      167 Detroit St.
      Trenton, MI 48183-1210

    • Reeshmaxtor

      Unbelievably Hellish deeds done to an innocent little child and its family. Seems these Petkovs are Lucifer’s earthy embodiments. Of what is understood from the news, they simply don’t deserve any mercy from the world around. But alas the world woke up too late from its slumber to defend the innocent little angel and its mother! The world around failed to defend them till they went through all the pain and trauma and are now dead and gone…that is the most painful part of the whole story! Why we always need a grave tragedy to wake up to defend the good among us?!?!