Comic-Con: Better Fashion Than the Runways?

We’ve poked fun at San Diego’s Comic-Con before, but this weekend at its New York equivalent, held at the Javits Center on the West Side Highway, we were struck by an epiphany. Sure, there were the usual dorks, geeks, and fanboys lining up to meet Bruce Campbell or see a panel on My Super Psycho 16 Part 2, but there were also a ton of hot ladies, dressed up like a Manga fetishist’s wet dream.

We’ve been to Fashion Week here in NYC, where girls that look like wire hangers show off clothes that women of regular proportions could never hope to fit into. Here at Comic-Con, the outfits may have been more superhero than runway, but were no less appealing or sexy…and were made for every sized woman in mind. Eat your heart out boys, Halloween has come early this year, and these ladies are ready to kick your ass.

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