Star Shrinking: ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Is A Self-Serving Menace

In the last few weeks, one of the stars of MTV’s Teen Mom has won herself a lot of attention. And not for good reasons. Amber Portwood has verbally abused her daughter’s father Gary Shirley, throughout the airing of the show, and during a September 26 episode, she was actually seen punching him in the face. She’s now under investigation for domestic abuse and could lose custody of her daughter as a result.

This week, she got into an even sketchier debacle on the show. On a date with a man she met at Wal-Mart, she learned that he was an ex-convict. Today we found out he’s also a child molester.

In light of that news, we decided it was time for a chat with Dr. Gilda, our favorite celebrity psychologist, about Amber’s poor decision making habits.

For starters, this could all be tied into her dramatic weight loss (Amber lost 65 pounds over the summer). According to Dr. Gilda:

“When somebody loses weight, often the weight comes off, but the issues that cause the weight to come on in the first place are still evident.”

Amber’s behavior in this area is rather typical:

“So often of people who have lost weight have not done the neccessary work to find out what was behind the weight gain to begin with. She got rid of the symptom but never got rid of the cause.”

But Amber’s anger issues are getting out of control. Viewers of the show may have noticed this week that her toddler freaks out when Gary leaves the house. But when Amber leaves? She gets nothing.

Eventually, all the rage Amber unloads is going to have a serious effect on her daughter:

“This is what happens. The baby will grow up thinking that people have relationships that are based on screaming and yelling and disrespect. That’s how this little girl is going to format the rest of her relationships, because that’s what she’s learning.”

And that’s before we even got around to discussing Amber’s new beau. Does she actually care about him?

“No of course not, he’s being used as a symbol of something to her ex. ‘Look how well I can do with a skinny man who will pay attention to me in a whole different way. You in comparison are a loser.’

“This excon doesn’t realize it but he’s being used as a symbol, rather than being accepted for who he really is.”

There’s one major snag in Amber’s plan. The new guy is a child molester. According to Dr. Gilda:

“The rate of recidivisim for child molesters is very high. Chances are, unless he’s had a million years of therapy, he will continue that behavior.”

She wants to put her own child in harm’s way for the sake of being able to rub the nose of her child’s father in the dirt. Her agenda is totally self-serving.”

“People who are so self-serving ought not be parents. I feel for their children.”

You can learn more about Dr. Gilda on her website

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