Party Crashing Tips From The Salahis

Last night on The Real Housewives of DC, we finally got to see long anticipated footage of Michaele and Tareq Salahi crashing  the White House state dinner last year. The two clearly have unparalleled skills in achieving entry to exclusive events and trading on other people’s good graces. Despite their flagrant actions at the White House, the two have emerged relatively unscathed. While people around the world may think they’re ridiculous, they seem to have escaped any and all  legal recourse. That takes balls. And so, for your viewing pleasure, some of the handy tips that helped the Salahis crash one of the most exclusive events in the country.

1. Overdress for the occasion
Michaele’s dress for the White House state dinner was over the top. What non-Indian women do you know who wear saris? But, it served a dual purpose. It was festive and looked like a costume. And implicitly makes people think: Who would have the audacity to wear a dress like that to an event they weren’t invited to?

2. Pull up in a limo
Arrive in style to any event to which you’d like to gain entrance. As a bonus, arriving to an event in a limo will help you distance yourself from the rank and file. That’s also why number 3 is important.

3. Be gracious with any and all staff members.
As a general rule, staffers working the door at exclusive parties would never gain entrance to said party. If you can establish a rapport with lowly staffers before they start getting a hint that you don’t have an invitation, they’re more likely to take pity on you when your name does not appear on the list. For example, Michaele started chatting up the clipboard lady at the White House as soon as they arrived. Before Bravo knew any better, she was waving them through to the next gate. Which leads us to number 4…

4. Leave your camera crew at the gate.
After all these months of speculation and slander, the Salahis avoided letting Bravo get any truly incriminating footage by playing into the supposed security regulations at the White House. While the couple was able to slide past security, they obviously couldn’t get approval for a camera crew to come with them. The Bravo team filmed them at their first checkpoint and then was left at the gate to the White House fruitlessly film the Salahis’ backs as they walked away.

5. Deny, deny, deny
If someone tries to blow your cover, accuse them of trying to hurt you. If people refuse to take your position, threaten to sue.

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