Chick Flick Check List: ‘Life As We Know It’

Let’s face it. Movies aimed at female audiences aren’t always Oscar material. But that doesn’t mean they can’t fulfill some sort of guilty pleasure fix. There are plenty of movie trailers and posters that reveal a movie’s awfulness and still entice you to see them. Even if you’re ashamed to admit it, sometimes you just want to see a movie for the pretty shoes on display or want a distracting movie to watch with your friends. Or maybe you need to cry in a dark movie theater for awhile. (Also, we would never discount the joy achieved from a good old fashioned hate watching.)

That’s why Crushable has created the Chick Flick Check List. This week’s entrant: Katherine Heigl‘s Life As We Know It.

Should you check it out  this weekend? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for.

Life As We Know It’s Check List Ranking:  61

Our Check List ranks movies based on ten different criteria that are each worth a total of 10 points. The scale tops out at 100. To give you a reference, a classic like Breakfast at Tiffany‘s might rank at 97. Check specific categories for your main interest.

Likability of the lead: 3/10
Remember when Katherine Heigl was really endearing in Knocked Up? Man that was awhile ago. She spends most of the movie here trying to appear uptight and controlling. It works! But that makes it kind of hard to like her. And somehow, later on we learn that happy Katherine Heigl is even more annoying than anal Katherine Heigl.

Plot/Script: 6/10
It’s a little bit harsh to kill of a kid’s parents to create a meet-cute for a cinematic couple, but the writers of Life As We Know It do a pretty good job of switching between sad and flirtatious. There are even some funny jokes. But also, one poop joke can be funny. Multiple poop jokes? Groan inducing.

Chemistry Between The Leads: 5/10
Heigl was a producer of the movie and apparently had to pull some strings to get Josh Duhamel cast in the movie. But he actually brings more than just eye candy. His comedic timing is good and he pulls off some of the only laugh lines in the movie. But together? They’re pretty…eh.

Chance of wringing tears out of viewers: 7/10
High! Life As We Know It kills off a one year old’s parents in the first 15 minutes. Look at how cute your parents are, kid! Your mom’s Joan Halloway. Oops, she’s dead. Now you’re stuck with Katherine Heigl. Good luck with that.

Wardrobe: 6/10
Heigl’s character wears a lot of sweaters. But she looks nice in them. And the few times that they dress her up, she looks good. Except for her weird obsession with floppy berets. Also, whoever was dressing Josh Duhamel knows exactly how much (or little) to dress him in.

Plot Believability: 6/10
Josh Lucas is a little too charmy and adorable as the alternate love interest. The fact that Heigl’s character has trouble deciding this love triangle is a little silly.

Supporting Cast: 8/10
Stunt casting in chick flicks can go one of two ways. This one gets points for casting of In addition to Christina Hendricks for five minutes, the movie has some nice moments from Eastbound and Down‘s Andrew Daly, comedian Kumail Nanjian and Gilmore GirlsMelissa McCarthy.

Food Porn: 6/10
Chick flick producers have recently realized that women love looking at food in movies. Life As We Know It pushes on this button by having Heigl’s character play a professional chef. But for some reason, never shows her cooking actual food at home. Also, the movie loses points for stealing a date scene directly from It’s Complicated. Which just serves as a reminder that Meryl Streep and Steve Martin did it better. Also, will anyone believe that Katherine Heigl can cook? I didn’t.

Male Eye Candy:  9/10
Josh Duhamel may not be everyone’s ideal, but he’s a pretty good specimen of man meat. The producers also took every opportunity to have him shirtless, drenched in water or flexing. Why else would you cast John Duhamel in a movie like this?

Children, pets and other scene stealers: 5/10
The three sisters who play orphaned Sophie are plenty cute and never really obnoxious. But the daughter is mostly an excuse to get Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel’s character to Get. It. On. Also, there is a lot of crying.

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