Danny and Melinda Are Divorced And Moving On

It’s been awhile since Crushable checked in on the relationship status of The Real World: Austin’s Danny Jamieson and Melinda Stolp. But this week, Melinda showed up on our TV screens again during the premiere of MTV’s Cuthroat, and she finally admitted that she’s divorced.

We called that months ago, but there are a few more details we’ve learned recently.

For starters, we got tipped off that the divorce proceedings had sped up last week when we noticed that the couple was no longer friends on Facebook.

Our sources at Danny’s job, The Greatest Bar in Boston, say that word on the street is Melinda cheated. It must not be too fun for Danny to see her on TV again, cozying up with other former Real World castmembers.

But, one of our tipsters saw Danny at the Fryeburg Fair in Maine very snuggly with a pretty brunette on Monday. So maybe things are going better for him than we thought.

Have any more info about Danny and Melinda? Leave it in the comments or send us an email: tips@crushable.com.

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    • CurlySarah

      She’s been “Single” for awhile – she’s been in Milwaukee, dating another guy for months.

    • Nicole

      this news is so sad to hear, if these real world couples can’t make it than how is there hope for the rest of us?!?! tear.

    • leah

      I nnew it wuz to good to be true I think she has been a slut bcuz they meet while she was dating sum1 else so ie cheated on thata boyfriend then mostly likely she wud cheat on danny & i saw their real world season reunion & neihmah called right they were being fake & acted liked they ddnt no people melinda changed him for the worst so now I hope he sleeps with a fine ass gurl in their bed

    • Rat Calabrese

      Complete dolt – he gets it face crumpled by some preppy frat boy, and turns to steroids to avenge his dim-witted, negligible existence – and of course gets violent and punches walls. This guy is everything that’s wrong with humanity wrapped up into one person. She’s probably looking back already and regretting their waste of time together.

    • Big norm

      Danny is a balding Boston douche. What a joke, this loser should disappear.

    • paige

      I loved Danny! too bad things didnt work out! Hopefully he comes backk to Maine! Im waitting:p haha. jkin.

    • meme

      If you paid any attention to them on the shows you would have seen that Danny is insanely controlling and has been for thier entire relationship. You see the girls on the reunion show complaining that he wouldn’t even let her go out to dinner with them for some girl time to catch up and he doesn’t even have anything to say in responce and you can see how embarassed Melinda gets. I always saw what an insecure little boy he really was. She never looked happy with him. Good girl for finally breaking free and enjoying life!