Am I Right Ladies: It Was the Best of Sexytime, It Was the Worst of Sexytime

Every week, Gail K. scours the media for heinous examples of advertising aimed at women (or objectifying them, or are just creepy, or all three!). This week, our sassy Peggy Olson 2.0 takes on Goodies diapers, Axe body spray, and Trojan Triphoria condoms, among others. Read on, and be on the lookout for any offensive ads (which you can send in here).
Goodies: Underwear for Kids, Porn for No One

What is this Highlights Magazine or a Maxim cover shoot, am I right ladies? Before you put on your shock-and-awe hats, check out the art director’s postmortem on the shoot:

“I really wanted to represent the struggle every child has with this notion of the diaper. What is a “diaper”? Is it hygiene? Is it fashion? Is it a lock-and-key? Is it the struggle of the individual against the bondage of societal expectation? A wise man once said “when there’s nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire.” So at the age of 2, I stacked my Huggies in a funeral pyre beside my swing set, and set them aflame. Mother would say I scorched my father’s landscaping that day, but I say I burned a path of liberation from a mundane existence known as “childhood…

…But I digress. In order to create that sense of freedom for my model Aidan, I forbade any parental presence onset. The camera, a long rope, the subject and a wealth of creative expression. Initially, Aidan expressed a desire for juice, the whereabouts of his mother, and a frequent need to urinate. After hours of shooting, the film still felt contrived and I could sense artistic frustration. In a moment of ingenuity, the make-up girl concocted a formula made entirely of Vaseline, Evian Water, and hairspray, which was then spritzed all over Aiden creating a veil of feigned sweat to convey consummate struggle. In that sheen the joie de vivre finally disappeared from behind Aidan’s eyes, and I knew we had our shot…

….I did not feel the need to be on set that day because I trusted my team to uphold my creative vision. Also, as a registered sex offender, federal law required me to remain at least 100 yards away.”

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    • MzBaker

      This picture should be removed from goodnights and this website and any where else its posted its disgusting!