Rachel Zoe is 15 Weeks Pregnant?!

We wouldn’t believe it with our own two eyes, but sources confirm to Life & Style Magazine that fashion guru and reality show star Rachel Zoe is almost 4 months along in her pregnancy…and if she has a baby-bump, she’s hiding it very well! So well in fact, that she’s starting to get freaked out by her skinniness.

Despite being known for her super-petite figure, Rachel is terrified about losing the baby in a miscarriage, so she’s starting to bulk up with Trader Joe-style chips and “crunchy curls.” How do we know Rachel is taking this baby thing seriously? She’s actually canceled her appearance at Paris’ Fashion Week. Meanwhile, her two former flames, Rodger Berman and Brad Goreski are nowhere in the picture. Talk about stress-eating! Hopefully the pregnancy will act as Rachel’s “Nicole Richie moment”…where the starlet realizes her bare-bones 24/7 jet-set lifestyle is no longer just going to affect her.

(Photo via WENN)

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