Sex on the Wire: Separate But Equal

• Maybe you shouldn’t move your stuff over to your boyfriend’s single across the quad just yet: A new study shows that more long-term couples have decided to keep separate pads. (Lemondrop)

• Here’s a list of top reasons o have a crush…just for the sake of having a crush. (CollegeCandy)

• So creepy: Using the technology of fourSquare, this new app Where the Ladies At tells you…well, just that. (Nerve)

• You think your parents were strict? Imagine if they told you kissing boys would lead you to an eternity in hell! (YourTango)

•…speaking of, guess we’re all going to breathing brimstone soon, if this poll about kissing on the first date is any indication. (BettyConfidential)

• Hey ladies, ever wanted to learn how to pee standing up? Now’s your chance! (PRBuzz)

• Everyone’s favorite celebrity (besides Betty White) Neil Patrick Harris, has made an anti-gay bullying video. Well, no, it’s an anti-anti-gay bullying video, technically. (Buzzfeed)

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