Gallery: Heidi Klum’s Guide to Scary Halloween Costumes

Heidi Klum‘s annual Halloween party has become a major international event, with celebs showing up in all states of dress (and undress) each October. But the super model isn’t content to let others take the spotlight when it comes to costumes. And it seems like Heidi spends enough time on the runway in skimpy outfits to forgo dressing slutty on All Hallow’s Eve. If nothing else, her costumes show an intense dedication to the craft of Halloween (perhaps too much dedication sometimes). Together with her husband Seal, Heidi often has the most ridiculous costumes of the night. Here we’ve created a list of pointers gleaned from Heidi’s best costumes. Take a lesson from Heidi and learn how to go all out for Halloween – without completely frightening off your guests.

(photos by WENN/Getty)

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    • Palmer Huff

      You totally forget how weird celebrities probably are in real life until you see things like this.