Celeb Tweetup: Little Known Facts

Do you know that it’s raining both in New York and L.A. right now? That’s such a bummer: it means that everyone famous is sitting around, sighing really loudly and wishing that their indoor swimming pool with the U.V. light sunroof could actually replace the real thing. But in these rainy days and Mondays, our thoughts drift not towards the sun-dappled fancies of our imagination, but to deeper academic studies. Today, celebrities tell us some things we may not have known.

Rainn Wilson (@RainnWilson) Has a point.

Dina Manz0 (@dinamanzo) knows the view from Potatoville, and it’s not sunny.

Ugh, now I can actually hear Pauly D. (DJPaulyD) singing in my head when he tweets.

Actually…is that racist? It’s too late in the day, our brains are fried. But we’re going to assume that if Adrianne Curry (@adriannecurry) has to ask, it’s very racist.

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