Crush Links: Not Much of A ‘Situation’ In the Pants Department

• A nightclub promoter hit The Situation where it really hurts…in his very tiny groin area. (DListed)

Rachel Bilson: Sunglass blogger. (TheFrisky)

• RIP Tony Curtis: The Some Like It Hot actor passed away yesterday in Las Vegas. (TMZ)

• Seriously guys, a Munsters remake? Well its better than the Monopoly movie, I guess. (Jezebel)

• Man, Nicole Richie isn’t giving anything away about her upcoming (?) marriage to Joel Madden. Not like we care… (PopSugar)

• On the other hand, Jon Hamm is hung like an ox. We knew it! (OMGBlog)

• Before Fergie, Josh Duhamel would do background checks on ladies before he agreed to dinner. (Betty Confidential)

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