Vanessa Minnillo Gives Crushable Her Top 5 Male Grooming Tips

Vanessa Minnillo is the new Axe Shower spokesperson, and while the product may be for dudes, it makes sense to have a hot chic telling guys how they should smell. We asked Vanessa for her top five tips for guys looking to capture ladies’ attention.

1. Hygiene and grooming are key but I notice little things about guys’ hygiene like dirty finger nails – so don’t overdo it but also don’t rush – girls notice these things!
2. Clean is Sexy – Girls prefer a guy with a just-showered smell. Cleanliness and sexiness go hand in hand.
3. Confidence is a turn-on and you CANNOT be confident if you do not look and smell clean. Take the time to ensure you get the most out of your shower.
4. Wrinkled clothes are just not sexy. I can guarantee you can’t find one woman who would say, ‘I want a guy who has that I-just-pulled-these-out-of-a-hamper smell and look.’
5. Spice it up – I love when my man smells different for different occasions – don’t be afraid to spice it up.

Do you agree with Vanessa’s tips? Let us know how you like your man to smell in the comments.

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    • Nicole

      I totally agree about the wrinkled clothes. That look can only be pulled off by a sharpei, afterall its genetic

    • Warren

      Nick always looks like a slob so maybe he should take her advice.