Stalk Exchange: James Wolk’s Bad Week

A week ago, James Wolk was on top of the world. He had a new show premiering on FOX (Lone Star) and a lead role in the Kristen Bell/Sigourney Weaver film You Again (in theaters last Friday). This week, things are a little different. Last night, FOX cancelled Lone Star. And as of right now, he isn’t cast in any future projects on IMDB. Was two weeks in primetime enough for casting agents to notice him?

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    • Mark Graham

      You neglected to mention that he’s a University of Michigan alum, which is always good for a few Hunk Points on the Stalk Exchange.

      • Meghan Keane

        Ha. Very true. He even convinced the director of You Again to let him wear a Michigan Tshirt in the movie. That takes dedication.

    • Barbara

      this is so unfortunate–not only for james –but for us, at least me.
      I didnt get a chance to see all of the new shows but from what I did
      see the only one I had any real interest in was Lone Star.
      How stupid it is to cut it off before it had a chance to develop a following which I am sure they would have done as the audiences winnowed out the shows that they may have watched , like me, trying to find the right one.

    • Franny

      James Wolk is a handsome, charming actor with a bright future. I’m sure he’s devastated about Lone Star but only a select few become stars overnight and even they have hiccups along the way. Now more people know who he is and he has something on his actor’s reel besides Front of the Class. I’m sure he’s auditioning as I write this and will have something on the horizon very soon. I just hope it’s a project worthy of his talent.