Is Shakira Too Thin In Her New Video?

The video for Shakira‘s new song Loca premiered last night. And she looks hot as usual. But decidedly thinner. Perhaps too thin?

One of the many great things about Shakira is her dance moves. And like most belly dancers, she’s not too scrawny. But it looks like the pressures of Hollywood might be causing her to shed pounds. In the new video, you can clearly count all of Shakira’s ribs.

Check it out for yourself. The photos above show Shakira in Loca on the left. On the right is Shakira during a performance at the Plymouth Jazz Festival in 2008.

And of course, we wouldn’t tease you with all this talk of Loca without giving you the video itself:

(right photo by Wenn)

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    • CurlySarah

      I think she looks thin, but she looks more fit than she did in the previous video. She looks good (always).

    • jenjen

      she is looking way too thin, shes always been fit, but in the video its different, shes ever been like this and its kinda disappointing to watch her fall into hollywoods thin game….

    • latinolvr

      I liked her thicker body way better. Now I can’t tell if her hips are lying or not!

      • Meghan Keane

        Ha! You’re right. There’s less Shakira to hide those lies now.

    • Marty

      She looks better.

    • sahar

      i think shakira is so sexsy in new vidio

    • sahar

      shakira is so sexy in vidio mail me

    • mel

      Shes wayy tooo thin now. This is not good. I knew she’d been subject to societies pressures in Loba or SheWolf. but she’s taking it too far. Shakira slow down. Your beautiful the way you are!

    • Miette

      She looks too thin. Seeing her ribcage is not a nice sight.
      She looked healthier with more flesh on.
      For those who likes her this thin, please wake up, this is not healthy.

    • serena

      So many women look up to Shakira for her beautiful fit curves and confidence. In this new video sh elooks AWFUL! This is sad to see that she feels the need to be sooo thin. This is an awfull example and I hope she puts the weight back on. Otherwise I will have to re consider buying her C.Ds

    • Charles

      yea she looks WAAAAY too skinny. I’m a pretty big girl myself so i liked Shakira coz she had sum serious flesh on her but still looked SMOKIN now she looks like everyone else in show biz. Its upsetting really. Also she had some serious ‘junk-in-the-trunk’ b4 but in the new vid i dont know where here back ends and her ass begins. Really disappointing :(. Reallyyyy liked her.

    • Steven

      What a nonsense she looks better and fitter than ever! Think also she is holding back her belly in the photo as above to emphasize her muscled body!!

      Wow she just looks amazing…

    • maria

      She looks awful on this video! Way too skinny. Im a skinny girl who would love to have those curves she had before. Real men want real women wit real curves ask me i no. Awful shakira awful

    • Always Right

      The video is a lie, click below to see shots of her filming this video. She looks healthy and sexy:

    • Dan

      I have been a big fan for a long time. I found this page because I too noticed her weight loss. Yes, she is underweight, and yes I personally personally find her more attractive with a few more pounds. But what I think doesn’t matter. Shakira, you have to be comfortable with yourself. We love you at any weight. You are an amazing person, beautiful inside and out, and will continue to be even when your 70! Just stay healthy and happy, and love yourself as much as we all do!!