Accessory Hunt: Amrita Singh’s Typhus Ring Hits The Bullseye

Typhus ringAnyone who loves accessories knows that unique, quality pieces are hard to come by. Walk by a street vendor’s table littered with amazing jewelry and, of course, you have no cash on hand. Find an adorable ring at Forever 21 and watch your fingers slowly turn green. Spy a beautiful antique necklace through a shop window and woefully calculate how many movie tickets, cab rides or pints of ice cream that $500 could buy (the answer: so many).

The fact is, looking effortlessly cool with that perfectly selected accessory usually ends up being a hard fought battle. That’s why we were besides ourselves when we spotted this amazing 3 point, 18-karat gold plated Typhus ring by Amrita Singh. With its unique two finger, pyramid stud design, it’s like having three rings in one. Plus, Demi Lovato recently wore a ring just like it (personally, we think ours is cooler).

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    • Kelly

      Too bad it’s gold plated. Once that wears off, the base metal will turn fingers green. And $75 is not a steal for gold plated. :-(