Nick Offerman: My Weird Celebrity Crush

[Update: This story is old, so here's more recent news on Parks and Recreation, and here's more on Nick Offerman!]

This feature is supposed to highlight a strange celebrity crush, but my devotion to Nick Offerman – Ron Swanson on NBC’s Parks and Recreation -  is so deep that I’m no longer clear if it is weird to have a crush on him. I’d have trouble understanding why anyone wouldn‘t be into him. For starters, he is adorable. Also, he has wonderful comedic timing (a surefire way to my heart). And I’m pretty convinced that he has the ability to grow a mustache in mere minutes.

Aside from his obvious skill in playing the strong but often silent, whiskey loving libertarian Ron Swanson on NBC Thursday nights (starting mid-season), he has many skills. Also, his mustache has its own Facebook fan page.

Nick is the rebellious type. When it comes time to film Parks and Rec, he needs to be wrangled back into society. Ok, maybe not. But. He is a highly skilled craftsman in real life. Would you like to purchase a handmade boat or other complicated wooden structure? Oh well, conveniently Nick makes those in his free time. You can purchase one at The Offerman Woodshop.

And finally, because he and his wife Megan Mullally gifted New York Magazine with this amazing image:

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    • Alison

      I stumbled upon this in a search for Nick’s pictures. It’s not so weird. I think he’s incredibly sexy, too! Those eyes! Those eyebrows! That dimple!!!

    • MyCelebrityMancrush.tumblr

      He’s effing hot! If you don’t want him send him to me ;)