Poll: Would You Ever Date a Coworker Or a Close Classmate?

Last night was the season premiere of two of our favorite NBC sitcoms: Community and The Office. And both held similar themes in their opening episodes (although, it could be argued, these themes run across all of their episodes…and all the episodes of most sitcoms): Becoming romantically involved with someone you spend a lot of time with. Whether you shared an illicit kiss with your community college’s version of Jeff Winger or started dating a cutely muted boss like Gabe at Sabre, there is hardly a girl in the world who hasn’t stirred her finger into this melting pot of bad ideas.

But does it always “not work out?” What about our pre-cog ability to know that the real Don Draper eventually got with his Peggy Olson and remained married to her throughout his life? Or the fact that Amy Ryan is coming back on The Office to play Michael’s love interest? Surely there are some good things to come out of inter-office or study group love?

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    • Eileen

      I see how it could be a bad idea, but then I’m reminded of the fact that my parents met because my mom was hired to work in the lab my father did. They hung out, became friends, started dating, married, and have been really happy for more than 24 years. Working together means you have something in common – not just the job, but the interests and abilities that helped you to end up in the same industry. And that’s always a good thing.